JavaScript Development contains three projects. Successful completion of the final project is required in order to satisfy the course's graduation requirements.

Project 1: Slackbot

For our first project, we are going to keep things simple. We will build a Slackbot on top of the popular Github bot called Hubot. Hubot is a robot that was created by GitHub, that enhances their company chat. Hubot can deploy their site, act as a source of fun comments, and also automate their daily tasks. It is powerful and can be extended in a way that developers can build whatever they want on top of it.

Hubot scripts are generally written in CoffeeScript, a language that compiles into JavaScript. Thankfully, these scripts can also be written in vanilla JavaScript. Your bot can respond to whatever you like, but it must perform at least three different actions.

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Project 2: Feedr

For our Unit 2 project we will build Feedr, a personalized feed reader. Our feed reader will pull feeds from our favorite blogs. The user will be able to filter between publications through the dropdown on the header menu. Clicking/tapping on one of the articles will load a pop up with more information. From that point, the user will either be able dismiss the additional information, or proceed through to the referenced article.

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Project 3: Final Project

For the final project, students will design and build a single-page web application. This project will test your knowledge of JavaScript and ask you to apply everything you've learned in this course. The result will be a web app that you can add to your portfolio. The sky is the limit - work with your instructional team to create project goals that are realistic given the scope and timing of the class.

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