JavaScript Development


Welcome to the home for General Assembly SF JavaScript Development (JSD) Course 13.


Sasha Vodnik



START: Tuesday, 11/13/2018

END: Thursday, 01/31/2019

MEETS: Tuesday and Thursday

6:30pm - 9:30pm

LOCATION: 225 Bush St, 5th Fl, Classroom 8


  • Mon & Wed 5:00-6:00pm, Long table to the left of the front desk
  • Other times by appointment


JavaScript Development (JSD) is comprised of 60 hours of in-class instruction spread evenly over 20 classes.

JSD breaks down into four units:


Fundamentals of JavaScript


The Browser and APIs


Persisting Data and Advanced Topics


Building and Deploying Applications

Pre-Course Checklist

Required tutorials

  • Codecademy's Introduction to JavaScript track (Chapters 1-3 on variables, conditions, and functions -- free portions only).

    Completing these lessons will give you your first taste of JavaScript and prepare you to hit the ground running on day 1 of the course. Don't worry if you have questions on any of this stuff, as we'll be reviewing all of it in class. (Note: Sometimes, when using CodeAcademy, you'll see certain content that's only available to users with pro accounts. Feel free to skip over this content, unless you already have a pro account.)

  • Codecademy's Learn the Command Line (free portions only)

    This will introduce you to the command line, which is a powerful tool we'll use throughout the course.

  • CodeSchool's Try Git exercise (free portions only).

    This will introduce you to git and GitHub, two technologies we'll be using to store our code and collaborate with others during the course.

Optional tutorials

  • General Assembly's Dash

    JSD assumes students possess a working knowledge of HTML and CSS. Unless you have a strong grasp of both HTML and CSS, you should work through and complete Dash - an online tool that teaches basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through projects in the browser.


In order to successfully complete JSD, students must:

  • Submit 80% of homework assignments
  • Miss no more than three classes
  • Successfully complete and submit a final project


Homework will be assigned at the end of class every Thursday and is due the following Sunday at 11:59pm. Files and materials for homework will be available in the Resources GitHub repo for this class.

Students will push homework to the class Homework GitHub repo and submit a pull request for feedback and grading.

NOTE: while late homework will be accepted, it will not receive feedback.


All questions concerning enrollment/payment, or subjects you would prefer not to discuss with the instructor, should be addressed to GA's Student Services team at: Student Services SF